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Aussie Nudes - Members Join Page


Welcome to the Members Area Aussie Nudes Join Page

Aussie Nudes submissions are very popular and great fun!  

They also greatly increase your chances of meeting others for fun!

Before you submit your pictures, please check that you comply with the following:

Quick Guide

Please DO:

  • Submit 6 good quality pictures

  • Ensure pisctures are jpg format and under 5MB in file size - (Png, Gifs & bitmaps are blocked). 

Common Reasons for Rejection:

  • Blurred or low quality pictures

  • Too many close-ups, especially penis shots (2 or more)

  • Including other people without their permission



LET's Go Nude!

NO Spaces, CAPITALS or special characters ~!@#$%^&*()etc allowed!

(choose a username)




In submitting the above information you accept our terms  below




Aussie Nudes - Terms & Conditions

In submitting your pictures to our Aussie Nudes section your are accepting: 

1.  Single guys who are paying members are welcome to submit their pics into Aussie Nudes.  Only couples and ladies are allowed to submit pictures at the free join link.  Single guys will be deleted as may couples and ladies found to be playing as single guys.  See clause 6 for more information.

2. The pictures are your property and do not contain any other person who has not given you their express permission to publish these pictures. Publishing pictures without meeting these conditions  renders you liable to civil action and absolves The Owners of this website  from any such prosecution.

3. The pictures do no contain any illegal activity (including simulation) such as paedophilia, bestiality, cruelty, rape, torture or any other act deemed illegal by the Commonwealth of Australia.  Such submission and your personal details will be forwarded to the Federal Police.

4. You absolve The Owners of this website  of any responsibility should your privacy be breached by third-party recognition of your photos or email address.  The information you publish is at a level which you would allow others to see with our without the protection of a password-secured members area.

5. Once posted, the pictures become copyright of The Owners of this website.  You agree that your pictures may be promoted on any other website in the Sex Seekers® Group.

6. Whilst you have a right to request removal of the pictures we reserve the right to keep them public for a period of 12 Months after submission.  Genuine cases will be considered by emailing  Retention of pictures especially applies to ladies our couples submitting their pictures as an attempt to obtain free access for the purpose of allowing a single guy to play without paying!  We will use the pictures to compensate for the loss of business.  An admin fee of $100 to remove the pictures will apply when breach of our terms has been detected.  No fee will apply to genuine cases for removal.

7.  Your pictures will not be published elsewhere or your personal details provided to third-party without your express written permission.  This excludes the provisions in paragraph 5 above.

8.  After vetting by the webmaster, your pictures will become public.  The Owners of this website will not be held responsible for any errors by omission or inclusion as a result of your submission but will take reasonable steps to correct such errors within 5 working days once has been notified.




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